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The first inhabitants of this area were the Micmac from whom the name of Tabusintac originated. Tabusintac is derived from the Micmac word "Taboosinkek" which means "place where two are".  Rounding Wishart's Point, one can see the significance of this name where you can see French Cove and the main river opening up like two large and equal sized rivers.


In the 1790's the French and English arrived and settled simultaneously in this area. The first French settler was Jacques Breau.  The first English settlers were Duncan Robertson, John MacLeod and William Tobin, who were led by Philip Hierlihy and his wife Charlotte who was perhaps one of the most remarkable women of this area.  She became the ancestress of many of Tabusintac's principle families.  Their home on Wishart's Point is the oldest English settlement on the Tabusintac, a famous New Brunswick fishing river.


A more complete history of the Tabusintac area can be found at the Tabusintac Museum.

Historical Map of Tabusintac River.gif


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