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In July 1960 it was announced that Mr. Robert Brown of Clinton New Jersey had donated a number of books for the purpose of forming a library in Tabusintac, providing that a public-spirited organization would support it. It was through the Woman's Institute that money and books were donated by many people. In 1967, the Library became known as the Tabusintac Centennial Library.


The building which today houses the library, museum and craft shop was the first Methodist Church in the area. It later became Tabusintac's first high school. Today the Library has also developed into a Museum and Craft Shop. It is an interesting place to spend a few hours browsing through the many books, viewing artifacts in the museum which include such interesting things as articles used in the making of butter, shearing of sheep, school books, clothing, china, and early period furniture. There are many other items no longer used in our modern society. There is a record of the celebrations of Old Home Week, which occurs every five years, old photographs, some research on family histories and a visitor's book.


In the Craft Shop, you will discover "just the gift you have been looking for" as well as "The History of Tabusintac".
A History of Tabusintac - Available for purchase at the Tabusintac Library for $20. Books can be purchased by mail. Orders sent within Canada - $25, U.S orders - $30 (includes shipping and handling).  Please send cheque or money order, payable to Tabusintac Centennial Memorial Library and Museum at 4490 Route 11, Tabusintac, NB, Canada, E9H-1J3.


The Museum/Library/Craft Shop is situated directly on Route 11 approximately 48 Km from Miramichi.
For more information contact(506)779-1918 or(506)779-8045.

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