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Tabusintac Community Development Inc.



In order to improve and develop commercial activities in Tabusintac, the Local Service District in partnership with local business interest looked to a team of consultants to create a strategy plan for the Tourism industry. A steering committee composed of representatives from different organizations was appointed to work with the consultant team. These members represented tourism operators, the Local Service District, Enterprise Peninsula and other invited members.


A Tabusintac Tourism Plan was finalized in March 2005 and presented to the public on May 17th 2005. The plan establish a vision as: “ because of its environmental concerns and its exceptional quality of life, Tabusintac is a dynamic coastal multicultural community that is ideal to visit, work, live, raise a family and retire.” The plan gave an overview of local existing establishments and services and proposed 25 projects related to: infrastructure, activities, promotional marketing and other development activities.


In order to implement the plan an agency other than the Local Service District whose mandate is primarily for local governance, a corporation for business development was required to be formed. A decision was made to hire administrative staff to support our developments and on April 25th a community coordinator was hired along with an administrative assistant on May 16, 2005. The organization became incorporated as the Tabusintac Community Development Corporation Inc. on June 13th 2005, having letters patent, a business account number associated to the company with twelve signed provisional directors for the company.

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