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Feb. 06th - Update


Power was restored to all within the Tabusintac cathment area over the weekend, and NB Power reports today that all in the province have had thier service restored.  A HUGE "thank you" from Tabusintac for all the tireless hours spent to restore electrical service!


Feb. 1st - Update:


Just over 11,000 customers remain without power across the province (130 in our catchment area).  NB Power and contractors are working as hard and fast as they can to restore service. 


Reminder:  If you need assistance in any manner, please let the authorites know.


Tabusintac LSD


Jan.31st - Update:


Power has been restored to the Hierlihy Rd, and to most areas fed from Route 11.  Work is ongoing to restore areas fed power from Fair-Isle (upper Grattan Rd, Route 460 to Carl's Brook).  If you live on a lane off of a road that has power, and you do not, it's best you call to advise NB Power.


If you need assistance in any manner, please let the authorites know.


Tabusintac LSD


Ice Apocalypse – January 25th - ??


January 25th (Day 1); Usually snow is synonymous with winter storms, but nary a shovel moved on this occasion, with freezing rain and the ensuing ice buildup causing the havoc.  Forward to today, January 30, 2017 ("Day 6" of #NBstorm).   As of 9:00 AM, 21,000 NB Power customers are without power, 15,000 of those on the Acadian Peninsula


We applaud the work of NB Power and coordinating agencies that are overseeing the recovery effort be completed as safely and efficiently as possible.  We also thank those who thought to check in on the wellbeing of a neighbor.  Power is slowly coming back online throughout Tabusintac with most community routes now having service restored.  Those on the Hierlihy and Grattan roads though continue to wait patiently.  Once power is restored, much work remains in the cleaning up of downed trees and branches, so Spring shall reveal a much different tree scape.


The Boy Scout motto of “be prepared” has never been more true or fitting, and this storm serves as a good reminder for each of us.  The storm has also been a good exercise in local governments emergency preparedness, so once the dust (ice) settles, all aspects will be reviewed to see what worked well, and what could be improved.  Your LSD committee has been, and will be in the mix as all relating issues are discussed.  I trust as a result of this storm, we all will be better prepared for any future calamity. 


Tabusintac LSD


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